Instructions for the game Token Hunter.

Go to https://token-hunter.games

Connect your MetaMask wallet.

Enter your nickname and select the game type:

  • Single Game - a single game for training. You will not be able to withdraw the mined token.

  • Multiplayer - multiplayer game. Entry into the game costs 100 GFi tokens.

Once in a multiplayer game, select a server and click "START GAME".

Click on the 100 GFI button.

Confirm the transaction to purchase a ticket for 100 GFI.

Collect tokens on the field. Beware of game bots and other players who will shoot at you.

When you realize that you have collected enough tokens, click on the floppy disk to save your tokens. Attention! After saving, your game will stop and you will no longer be able to collect tokens.

You will see a successful save message. Then you need to go to the menu.

You will see your balance in the menu and can withdraw it by clicking on the "Withdraw" button.

What are the gameplay mechanics?

Let’s say 10 people entered the game and deposited 100 tokens, the total bank will be 1000 GFi tokens.

  • 70% of the tokens are scattered on the field and each player can collect them while destroying other players with the help of cannons, thereby leaving more tokens on the field for themselves.

  • 15% of tokens are a reward for the game developers.

  • 15% of tokens are GameFi Tech reward. Most of them will be burned.

What will happen to the remaining tokens that are scattered on the playing field after the end of the round.

  • 10% will be burned

  • 10% GameFi Tech

  • 10% to Token Hunter developers

  • 70% on prize money for tournaments

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