🛡️Joining the Guild

How to join the GameFi Tech Guild and get staking boosts.

  1. In your personal account, go to the "Guild" section.

  2. Read the conditions for joining the Guild.

  3. If you agree to the conditions, then click “Join the Guild”.

What does joining the Guild give?

Increased mining speed

The “Guild” works to strengthen the GFi token and protect against the risk of possible depreciation by voluntarily freezing the stack body until there are no tokens left in the staking pool for mining. Until approximately 2030. At the same time, it adds to the stack holder from 1 to 3% to the monthly production of the GFi token, depending on the rank of the Guild.

  • 1st Guild Rank - 1 000 GFi + 1%

  • Guild rank 2 - 50 000 GFi + 2%

  • Guild rank 3 - 300 000 GFi + 2%

Access to affiliate marketing

GameFi Tech has developed an affiliate program that allows partners to receive bonuses in tokens for attracting new users and players. To participate in this program, you must be a member of the Guild.

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