Staking GFI

All about staking the GFI token.

Types of staking and profitability

GameFi Tech has two types of staking:

  • standard staking

  • staking in the Guild

There are different mining periods, which differ in the monthly percentage of tokens mined.

The guild provides an acceleration of production from 1 to 3% per month.

What is a Guild?

The Guild works to strengthen the GFi token and protect against the risk of possible depreciation by voluntarily freezing stack holder tokens until the end of the full emission. In this way, the community itself stabilizes the exchange rate, and stack holders receive from 1% to 3% of their monthly production.

How does the Guild work?

  • A platform participant joins the Guild and freezes his tokens in the stack until the end of mining of the entire emission (approximately until 2031).

  • Protects the exchange rate from possible fluctuations in the future.

  • Receives an additional percentage of GFi staking depending on the stack amount:

When will GFi be unlocked from the Guild?

When the staking contract has 0 GFi, all Guild members will have the opportunity to withdraw tokens from the stack, but not more than 5% every 60 days.

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